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Louisiana Art Gallery Copenhagen visit

Louisiana Art Gallery is not in Copenhagen, but for art enthusiasts visiting the city, the 40-minute train journey up the coast is a well worth making. Beyond the vibrant cityscape, this gallery offers a serene escape, marrying the beauty of its architecture, lush gardens, and coastal views with an exceptional modern art experience. The gallery […]

Just a bit about Iain

De-scaling the heights… Tea tastes a lot more like tea. Horsie, to red five. Battleships references to up the ante. A link to 27 quotes on reinventing yourself. www.betterbelieveit.net/27-powerful-reinvent-yourself-quotes/

I don’t like art

I re-drew this cartoon. It just wasn’t working when I was trying to make it look like the person who threw me out of art college. His name was Ian Cargill. Grays School of Art. I’m not sure if the art college still exists.