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Painting in progress – Me and my bud

Working title: ‘Me and my bud’Pizza needs a bit of work. I am convinced somewhere out there is someone who’s favourite pizza is also number four from my local pizzeria, partial to a glass of Budweiser, a Rum and Raisin Ritter Sport and smokes Prince cigarettes. And is ideally a billionaire, who just has to […]

Just a bit about Iain

De-scaling the heights… Tea tastes a lot more like tea. Horsie, to red five. Battleships references to up the ante. A link to 27 quotes on reinventing yourself. www.betterbelieveit.net/27-powerful-reinvent-yourself-quotes/

A message for The Guardian’s Martin Rowson

Latest Graun toon up already, probably wisely without comments to save our poor old ear ‘oles https://t.co/KDYlPAYQSv — Martin Rowson (@MartinRowson) February 18, 2019 Well Martin, ‘someone in Copenhagen’ appears to have gotten under your skin. Actually, I’m bored with this. You’re in Copenhagen, I note. Lucky you. I’m up to my neck in a […]

I don’t like art

I re-drew this cartoon. It just wasn’t working when I was trying to make it look like the person who threw me out of art college. His name was Ian Cargill. Grays School of Art. I’m not sure if the art college still exists.