Louisiana Art Gallery Copenhagen visit

Louisiana Art Gallery is not in Copenhagen, but for art enthusiasts visiting the city, the 40-minute train journey up the coast is a well worth making. Beyond the vibrant cityscape, this gallery offers a serene escape, marrying the beauty of its architecture, lush gardens, and coastal views with an exceptional modern art experience.

The gallery hosts a rotating array of exhibitions that are as pleasantly diverse as they are inspiring and thought-provoking. Nestled within this ever-changing landscape, a significant portion of the permanent collection stands as a testament to artistic brilliance. Notably, the superb Giacometti sculpture collection steals the spotlight, if you are lucky in your timing, they have some of his drawings too. There is COBRA art, Warhols, Dubuffet, Kleins, and Hockney masterpieces seamlessly weave into the gallery’s narrative, with Miro and Moore sculptures (Henry, not Roger) gracing the outdoor gardens—a testament to the gallery’s commitment to providing a holistic modern art experience.

I have taken guests who were not particularly into art and they have loved the experience. The gallery’s restaurant cafe is a lovely place to engage in a bit of middle-class Scandinavian observation. Frequented by a cosmopolitan crowd, the ambiance is often enriched by the presence of Swedes arriving via Helsingør or the Copenhagen crossing. It’s a culinary and cultural experience that adds an extra layer to your artistic journey.

To embark on this adventure, simply get your train ticket from the main train station (next to Tivoli) known as Hovedbanegården or via the ticket machines. Your destination: Humlebæk. A five-minute stroll from Humlebæk station, just follow the stream of fellow travelers. No one is going anywhere else in Humlebæk.

Whether you are an art connoisseur, a casual appreciator, or someone seeking a unique cultural excursion, Louisiana Art Gallery provides an enriching experience that transcends boundaries. You won’t regret immersing yourself in this artistic haven up the coast.